I Love My Classroom Teacher

Going into my student teaching experience, one of my biggest fears was not having a classroom teacher that was as good as the teacher I have volunteered for and learned from prior to this semester. Immediately upon entering the classroom it was obvious to me that this teacher is special. She has an easy, relaxed way of running her classroom that is so amazing and so different from the half-panic way I usually handle my lessons. 

I could not be happier with the place I am in. I love how she has this way of stepping in exactly when you most need help. It is always that moment before you completely fail but not so soon that you feel like she thinks you cannot do it. Maybe that is what makes her such a great teacher all around. Maybe she can teach me how to do that? I think that very well may be the key to being a great teacher; knowing the perfect moment to step in and help. 

Whether it is or not, I am so happy to be learning from her and I so grateful for her taking time out of her busy life and schedule to mentor me! The next 13 weeks are going to be a blast!