Credit Where Credit Is Due 

I feel like I haven’t given the classroom aide the kind of credit she deserves in my writing so I will dedicate this to making sure you know how fantastic and helpful she is. She is super funny and can always find the one thing that will make me laugh harder than I should at the back of the room while the students are trying to work. She has been so helpful in introducing me to the way the classroom works. I know she always has my back when I am up there teaching. She will often call out students who are talking when I am trying to teach and it is super helpful because I still don’t always see who it is. She tells me all the time about her grandkids and how great they are and it is so wonderful to hear about their adventures. 

I could not have asked for a better person to crack me up at the least appropriate moments or for someone who doesn’t get upset but makes jokes about it when I distract her from listening to the directions. She is a great lady I am very glad I get to laugh with!