Teaching Tip #6 

Have a seating arrangement for sitting on the rug.

My classroom teacher has a rug that is divided into squares and each student has their own square to sit in. It alleviates a lot of problems because students are not arguing over where they want to sit or who they want to sit by. The students know where they are supposed to be  and know they should not be moving outside of thier square. It also makes it easy to tell students to get to thier place. You just have to remind them to stay in thier square.


Teaching Tip #1

After my first visit to the classroom I am student teaching in, it was easy to begin picking up on great things my classroom teacher was doing. On this first visit, I observed the students’ reading time. When the students went to get their books for independent reading they choose up to five books. Each book from a different basket. My teacher explained that the students took one or two books at their reading level and selected other books from baskets based on their interests in other topics. The students could then read for a longer, less interrupted time because they had all the materials they needed.

So for teaching tip #1 let students take many books at once to allow them to read for longer, uninterrupted times. 

I think this is especially great for kindergarten because the students have such sort attention spans. Having a variety of books to choose from helps the students build on their reading endurance. It also keeps them interested in reading. Having choices and freedom to move from one book to the next well help students stay interested and excited about reading.