A Nice Day Off to do More Work

Because today is President’s Day and we have no snow days, my school is off today. I would love to say I was filling to with spending time with friends or going to see that movie everyone else is talking about. Unfortunately, I cannot say that. I am instead sitting in my room, still in my jammies, furiously writing my unit. Thursday I worked on it for two hours; yesterday for five hours. I just completed another hour of work today and am currently taking a break to write this post. I guess I should have started on it earlier but with all of the other work I have been doing it just kept getting pushed back. Of course, I don’t teach this unit for another week and I usually do not work this far in advance. There is a whole lot more to this teaching thing than meets the eye.

I have always wanted to be a teacher because I want kid’s school experience to be as great as mine was. I want to be the teacher that kids look back on and remember that they liked school in my class. I want to give hugs to the students who need them the most and help other students shape their behavior in a way that will allow them to participate in society successfully. The breaks and days off where just added benefits. I am finding that there is no such thing as break or a day off for teachers. I was at school until 5:15 on Friday. The students leave at 2:30.

I have been leaving school between 4:00-5:00 every day. My drive home is 45 minutes. When I get home, I run for a half hour and write lesson plans until I go to bed. I usually eat dinner with my lesson binder open beside me. And I am not even the teacher! How on earth do teachers do this!