A Busy Day with a 2 Hour Delay

Today was the first official day of student teaching. Yesterday, my university had our student teaching meeting and it was great but all I did all day was think about my class.

Today we had a two hour delay, which was great but the drive was still awful. A 45 minute drive was an 1 hour and 20 min drive. Once everyone was safely at school, we did math first instead of reading like usual. We built and measured little snowmen. The kids really loved it. My hands were freezing but it was totally worth it! Our snowman’s eyes fell off before we even got him to the table to compare him to the other snowmen. The classroom aid and I’s groups had short snowmen and the teacher’s was much taller. We laughed and said we wanted a rematch next time it snowed. It was all so fun.

After lunch, the teacher took pictures of the students and left the aid and I in charge of the class. I had to give directions to the whole class for the first time. I think the students understood what I was talking about. There were very few problems with getting the work done except for the time restraint. Because of the 2 hour delay, we had to shorten much of what we wanted to do.

Tomorrow, my teacher will be out of the classroom for a meeting in the morning and I am kind of in charge if there is not a sub. I am nervous because I did not plan the lesson. I know what I am supposed to do but I am still nervous.

Well, I have some work to do for tomorrow so I will sign off now. Woo teaching!


*update- my classroom teacher’s meeting was cancelled and the half day of teaching was moved. Read more about that half day and the day after!