A Crappy Day

Today was crappy day. The kids were a bit on the crazy/ absolutely not listening side today. I spent the whole day feeling like the carpet was listening to me better than most students. Things all got done but I honestly have no idea if the students learned anything! I have their papers to go over later but I’m not looking forward to that at all.

I asked my teacher if she felt like today was the disaster I thought it was. She said I was not the cause of the problems so that made it a little better. She thought the kids were just having a tough day. I guess being six is tough some days. Whatever the problem was, I can’t put a name to it.

After school though, I chatted with the art teacher who graduated recently from my college. She asked me about my LAMP unit and we talked about hers a little. Since I am in the midst of mine, it was helpful to hear from someone with similar experiences. I went back to the classroom and felt really discouraged about the day but slightly less because of my talk with the art teacher.

The other student teacher and I took the tutoring students to their bus and on the way back we ran into one of the other kindergarten teachers. She was talking about how her kids were crazy today too. The three of us stood there for quite a while chatting the other teaches all ended up part of the group and were telling all of these outrageous stories about poop in the school. Apparently, there was a situation at lunch with the stuff and neon told about that really got the ball rolling for the other teachers to add poop stories.

At that point in time, a good laugh about poop in the hallway was just what I needed. Maybe that “thing” that seperates truly great teachers from the just plain good ones is knowing when a break is exactly what someone needs. I’ll have to work on that one.

Hey, you learn something new every day, from crappy morning to the last crap story!