Jello… Ugh!

Because we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish my classroom teacher made blue jello and put fish gummies in it. This brought back horrible childhood memories for me. The reason I no longer eat jello or fish gummies is because of a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish snack gone wrong. I cannot even watch other people eat jello because I find it so gross. When my teacher told me she was making it, and involuntary shudder and a look of sickness passed over me. I really hate jello.

She teased me all week about not liking jello and how I just haven’t tried her jello. Finally, today came and I had to be an adult and try to push past my utter disgust. She laughed at me while I spooned it out and made terrible faces. At first they were real but after she started laughing I started making worse faces because the woman deserves to enjoy herself. After a stressful afternoon it was good for her to laugh. I then proceeded to get a bit of jello on my hand and I looked her straight in the face and, as serious as I could, said, “eww, it is touching me.”

The worst part of the whole afternoon though was when I was deliberately not looking at students while they ate it and one student came up and started talking to me. As I looked down at him he squeezed the jello between his teeth. I almost lost my lunch right there on the classroom floor. I still cannot think about it without cringing a little! Jello… Ugh!