The Newest ProblemĀ 

Today was our class Valentine’s Day party. All day was an uphill battle to keep the kids under control and paying attention to their work. A struggle I took on full force. very Friday we do running records in our reading group. One student reads to the teacher at a table while the others work on the illustrations for the sentence they wrote earlier in the week. The drawing students are not supposed to talk so that the teachers can hear the student read. One student would not stop talking and I made him move his clip two times because even after I made him move it the first time he kept talking. I eventually moved him to a different table away from the other students. He argued with me about how he was not talking, of course, but eventually he moved. I made another student move his clip as well. Well he was going to. Then he helped me clean up, all of the papers, notebooks, and crayons the other students left at the table, without being asked. Once we got to the room I told him I wanted to talk to him. I pulled him aside and explained that he would have to move his clip for talking but that I was going to move it back up for helping me clean. I felt pretty good about that. I think maybe it might help him see me less as someone who always gets him into trouble and more of someone who is tough but fair and should be listened to. My classroom teacher says all the time that I need to keep up with discipline and keep the kids under my thumb. I am really trying to copy her style of discipline because it works so well. I think I am doing a half way decent job. Nowhere near perfect but getting better. 

I forgot to ask her what I should work on next week but she has told me several times this week that if there is something I want to teach I should just (and I quote) “say, ‘get out of the way and let me do this.'” I think she is sincere when she says this but I do not know how to respond to that. She is the teacher; I am the inexperienced one. How can I look at someone who knows more so much more than I do and say I am going to take this over now? I like to be in charge and acting but I also recognize that the person with the lost experience and know-how should be the one leading things. I have gotten myself into trouble before by jumping in head first and demanding things. I am not really sure what to do!