Happiness is StrangeĀ 

The first conference occurred this afternoon between my classroom teacher and I. We sat down and went through all of the things we were required to by my university. The conversation was nice and I learned a few things about my teacher as well as myself. I was a little on edge, as anyone would be who has just sat down to be evaluated by a person they care a great deal about the opinion of. What she said though, made me feel much better. 

One point we arrived at was the idea of differentiation (basically having multiple plans and levels for activities so that all students can learn). It is something I have trouble implementing because I struggle to find the balance between meeting students where they are and pushing them to succeed. I admitted this to my classroom teacher during the conference. 

Apparently this woman has some psychic powers because she always says the one thing that I most needed to hear in that moment. She said that this was a weakness of hers as well and that we would have to learn from each other. Imagine, a teacher as great as this one learning something from me! I cannot believe how fantastic and perfect my classroom teacher is. 

Initially, I thought I wanted to student teach in either Texas or on a Navajo reservation but my parents quickly nixed both of those ideas. I honestly cannot imagine a better place than the one I am in right now with the classroom teacher I have the privilege of being mentored by. 

Happiness is a strange thing. That you can find it in simple things like a great person saying they may have something to learn from you, is fascinating. I am sure she has no idea how encouraging that simple admission was to me. I guess what sticks with you most is what most other people would fail to notice. That’s fine with me. Happiness just is that way.