Miss Haley and the Oobleck 

Today my class read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Later in the afternoon my teacher and I made enough oobleck for 900 people (at least that is what it felt like!). We started making it while the students were at specials. Standing close together at the sink in the back of the classroom, we ended up covering each other with cornstarch. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately for me, my teacher was the one making the biggest mess. It meant that I wasn’t the biggest problem but I was the one who go covered head to toe. My mess is the one on the right side, hers is on the left! 

 The best part was that the students loved it! My university really pushes not doing anything that does not absolutely align with a standard so it has been a long time since I have done anything that fun at school. My students were so excited about it I thought they were going to pee their pants! 

I showed one student that if you pour it into your hands it will slip out between your fingers and run all over. Then all of the student asked me to put it in their hands. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! 

One student came into the room and told me he was afraid of it. He told me he would not touch it. I put both of my hands in the big pan of it and showed him it was not that scary or gross. I scooped it up and made a little ball and we watched it get flat. He then exclaimed, “I like that! I want to play with it!” He ended up covered with cornstarch all over him. My teacher and I were laughing about I because he started out not even wanting to touch it and ended up practically bathing in it! 

Even though it took my teacher and I an hour to clean it all up it was such a fun time! 



Jello… Ugh!

Because we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish my classroom teacher made blue jello and put fish gummies in it. This brought back horrible childhood memories for me. The reason I no longer eat jello or fish gummies is because of a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish snack gone wrong. I cannot even watch other people eat jello because I find it so gross. When my teacher told me she was making it, and involuntary shudder and a look of sickness passed over me. I really hate jello.

She teased me all week about not liking jello and how I just haven’t tried her jello. Finally, today came and I had to be an adult and try to push past my utter disgust. She laughed at me while I spooned it out and made terrible faces. At first they were real but after she started laughing I started making worse faces because the woman deserves to enjoy herself. After a stressful afternoon it was good for her to laugh. I then proceeded to get a bit of jello on my hand and I looked her straight in the face and, as serious as I could, said, “eww, it is touching me.”

The worst part of the whole afternoon though was when I was deliberately not looking at students while they ate it and one student came up and started talking to me. As I looked down at him he squeezed the jello between his teeth. I almost lost my lunch right there on the classroom floor. I still cannot think about it without cringing a little! Jello… Ugh!

A Seuss-Tastic Week

It was Dr. Seuss week in my classroom this week. It was incredibly fun all week reading the books and hearing the students laugh when my teacher made silly faces while reading. She read Fox in Socks faster than I have ever heard it before. It was quite impressive.

We made silly hats that made us look like the Things from The Cat in the Hat.  (It was also Wacky Wednesday that is why my outfit is so crazy. I promise I do not usually dress like that!) IMG_2704

We also played a sight word game with green eggs and ham that was quite hilarious. Here is me with egg on my face. eggsblurToday we made turtles and stacked them to see how many we could get in the stack before they fell. It was very silly.


This week I took a bit of a step back because my teacher loves Dr. Seuss so much. It was really nice to be able to observe her really enjoying herself teaching. Not that she doesn’t usually but it was cool to see how passionate she is about her job. I am so blessed to have been placed in her classroom!

Put Me in the Zoo!

Next week is Dr. Seuss week. Apparently, it is a BIG, whopping, major, over-the-top deal at my school. My teacher started going through her Dr. Seuss things and she has so many cute things. She then proceeds to tell me that I should do the bulletin board. A little overwhelmed because of this awesome responsibility, I went home to try and come up with a really great plan for my board. After mass amounts of time on Pinterest, I realized I did not want to do something Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham because everyone does those.

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Put Me in the Zoo. I re-read the story; mostly for kicks and the perfect idea popped into my head. Here is the mock up. I cannot wait to start taking the pictures and creating the board.

The board is going to be the first picture and the second one is me with spots that say what I am good at. I am asking the students what they can do so that I can create one for each student. I like the idea because the students will be able to display/ brag about what they are good at. I love Put Me in the Zoo dearly so this is going to be so fun!