Clorox or Fluoride?

Monday, I began teaching my big unit. My unit is over dental hygiene. We are talking all about why teeth are important, how to brush them, eating healthy, and dentists. It has been quite fun so far except that learning about teeth has made my class a little loose-tooth crazy! Every student has felt the need to, at some point this week, show me their wiggly tooth. As I have said before, loose teeth gross me out. I have spent my share of time staring at the ceiling during these fascinating conversations.

Another fascinating conversation that I had to have with my class was today, when I had to explain the difference between clorox and fluoride. I asked the students about what we learned yesterday and one student claimed that clorox helped keep your teeth clean. A little afraid that my students would try to put antibacterial wipes in their mouths to help protect their teeth, I grabbed a container of Clorox wipes out of the cabinet and had to explain that Clorox would make you sick if you put it in your mouth.

I am saying short prayers every so often that my students will not go home and put Clorox in their mouths! The last thing I need is for poison control to call and ask why I have been telling children that Clorox will protect their teeth from the invisible nasties (germs)!