Today I Watched a Student Eat a Crayon

Math came and went this afternoon. My teacher was observed by our principal and things went fairly smoothly during that.

*I asked my teacher what I should do while the principal was observing because I did not want to be in the way or make her look like she could not control the class without help. I am sure the principal knows the she is capable but better safe than sorry. My teacher told me to keep on the students discipline wise because it would never hurt to look good in front of the principal. She said if there was ever a position at the school she was looking to fill she might remember how I interacted with the students.*

Anyway, the class was fairly well behaved. About as well behaved as they ever have been so that was good. The teacher told the students that the principal would be coming in to watch her and watch them to see if there was anyone she needed to take to the office with her when she left. I guess that scared most of them into behaving. After the principal left, it was a whole other story. One student ate a crayon. Whether or not she ate the entire thing is up for debate but she definitely ingested some amount of crayon during our Abraham Lincoln craft.

Every part of me wanted to take the crayon away and tell she could not eat crayons but with this particular student there is not anything you can say to make her do anything is she does not want to. But really, a crayon! Paper I can see, glue interesting choice but not all that unusual but a crayon! That wax candy that you are supposed to eat is horrendous enough. I cannot imagine wax with no flavor. I am not even sure how to feel about that. My teacher said that crayons are non-toxic but I still think you might feel sick after eating it. I hope this student does not throw up lime green crayon otherwise my classroom teacher might have some explaining to do tomorrow!