A Very Bad Snack for a Penguin

All this week, penguins have been the topic of our lessons. We talked about many different kinds of penguins. We wrote about what penguins can, have, and are. We even ate penguin crackers and pretended we were penguins. Thursday afternoon, we did a pretty simple craft. The cut out a penguin, they cut out fish, they chose two colors and colored some of their fish one color and some the other. They glued them on and wrote the number of each color of fish they had. It was not hard activity. We explained it over and over. We even walked them through step-by-step. Somehow disaster seemed to lurk around every direction. I do not think one single student did the craft correctly. The teacher, the aide, and I were at our wits end by the end of the day. I had lost my patience long before lunch even started so it just made for a bad snack for those poor paper penguins. The very worst part is that once we had deconstructed many of the crafts and repeated directions until the students got it right, they turned out pretty cute. My classroom teacher hung them in around the room. I have to look at those darn penguins every time I turn around and am reminded of the absolute failure that was that penguin snack.