Teaching Tip #2

Have assigned seat in the bleachers during convocations or other large school-wide activities. 

At the Christmas program at my school, I sat in the bleachers with the students while they watched the teachers sing and dance. The program was very fun but, like any six or seven year old, my students had trouble keeping still. There were a few students who I was constantly reminding to stop touching other students or randomly standing up or stomping their feet to make that really loud obnoxious applause. Most of the students were too far away for me to talk to without yelling during another grades song. I had to resort to hand gestures which are often difficult for young students to read. The two students in the class who should not have been sitting next to each other ended up beside the other and the student I had to ask to sit down every two minutes was far away from me. If a seating chart in the bleachers had been assigned and practiced things would have gone much smoother and the students would have enjoyed the program much more.