Another Trial, not by fire but by rear ending…

Yesterday I arrived at school and immediately upon getting into the classroom, my classroom teacher texts me to say she was in a car accident and could not make to school. A range of emotions flows in whenever a person hears news like this and I was no exception. Thankfully, she is about the most organized, well-prepared person I have met and had everything for the day ready. After hearing she was alright, I began to collect myself and run through everything that needed to be done for the day. I was the teacher once again. At least the aide was there to help. I managed through the day and ultimately feel like it was a success. Everything got done that needed to be done.

The very best and most important part of the day was the text message she sent me encouraging me even though she was pretty shaken up. I looked at it a few time during the day and it really made all the difference. If this fantastic teacher has enough faith in me to state that she is confident that students are getting what they need, I suppose I should have faith in me too.