Miss Haley is Graduating College

Tomorrow I graduate from college. I am not leaving my class until the end of their school year so I did not expect any kind of celebrating to go on. I really honestly did not expect anything so when my classroom teacher asked me copy a huge stack of papers for next week in the middle of the afternoon by saying, “I am going to ask Miss Haley to leave now. Oh here copy the papers in the tray,” it took me a moment to process what was happening. I actually stated at her for what felt like forever before it clicked. I carried the stack out to the copier and ran copies. About halfway through, the copier jammed. I knew I couldn’t go back to my teacher and the others would be busy so I just stood at the copier until someone walked by. She helped me fix it a little and then the office lady fixed it the rest of the way. I made more copies and it jammed again! As I was processesing how I would explain this to the office lady as she walked back past, my classroom teacher called me back in the room. Flustered by my inability to fix the copier and the thought that not all of the copies had been made, I rushed back into the room arms full of paper. I didn’t process that the lights were off and there cookies and juice on the table until I was halfway across the classroom and blurted out, “I broke the copier!” Cheering broke out. I stopped looked around and saw the cookies, juice, noise makers, and smartboard with congratulations written on it and signed by all of the students. They cheered for quite a while before my teacher stopped the noise to ask them to tel me why they were celebrating. One of the students answered, “Miss Haley is graduating college!” They ate their cookies and hugged me over and over. I nearly cried when one student, who is particularly difficult and who I had ‘gotten into trouble’ earlier, asked for a hug. I knew I loved these kids but I forget how much they mean to me and how much they care. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend the semester! (And I may or may not have cried twice on the way home…) 


Five Tests and Hundreds of Dollars Later… 

I finally finished all of the test I have to take to get my license to teach in the state of Indiana! I passed all of them the first time! I am one step away from graduating college! I am so excited to finally start doing what I have worked my entire life for!