Christmas Party Day

My second visit to my student teaching school was a blast. It was this past Friday (with all of the Christmas plans my family had, I just now have time to sit down and write this) and it was the Christmas celebration day. We watched the Polar Express, sang Christmas songs in front of the parents, and had a party. It was hectic but very fun.

During the Christmas program where the students sang for their parents, my teacher told me to sit with the students. I was the only adult in the seats with them and it was very awkward because the students stood up to sing and I just sat there. The good news though was that none of my students got in trouble by the classroom aids sitting on the floor because I was there to reming them to keep in their seats and not to mess with each other.

The thing I am most worries about is one student in particular. There was one writing activity we did during the day and she did not do anything or even seem to know what was going on. She did not even have a paper. I am confused as to why my teacher did not say anything to her but I did not ask because it was a hectic day and if she did not notice the girl, I did not want to be the one to point it out.

I am glad for the aid in the classroom because I think she will be a great tool. Because she has worked with my teacher in position similar to mine, it will be helpful to ask her questions about my teacher. I think sometimes it is difficult to phrase your own expectations but to have someone like the aid explain them to me would be helpful.

I am very excited to go back in January and really get started on everything. I am really looking forward to being there every day.