The Last Day of School

Today was in the last day of school. It was crazy! Actually, my students were out of control! There was nothing my classroom teacher or I could do to get it back together. It was kind of sad because one student had to leave school because he could not get his behavior under control. It is upsetting that the last memory of him is him loosing control and hitting other students. My poor classroom teacher’s last encounter was him slamming the door on her. She is a much stronger  person than I am. I think I would have lost it right there and then but she held it together. 

I still dont think it has really hit me that I will never see any of these kids again. They live far away and I am probably going farther away. The part that actually makes me a little sick is the possibility that I won’t see my classroom teacher or the teacher’s aide. I will see the teacher again tomorrow but after that who knows? 

I have to go to work now. I am sure there will be more later because I have just begun to process all this and now have to go to my second day of my new job. 

Well, here goes. Goodbye students and routine I got used to. Hello quiet days with no one poking me and repeatedly calling my name. Hello new job and stress over searching for a teaching job. Yikes! 


Wrapping Up

There are three weeks until I graduate. Three weeks until I finish student teaching. Three weeks until the world expects me to be perfect at my job. That is a lot of pressure just three short weeks from now. This afternoon I finished my portfolio save one assignment that I am purposely saving for the last minute because I want to be the best I can be when I do the final video analysis of my teaching. 

I have applied for two summer jobs and am working on the third. I haven’t applied yet for any teaching jobs because I don’t know where I want to go! If I stay in my state, I want to work at my student teaching school but if that doesn’t work out what is stoping me from going anywhere I want? I planned on moving to South Carolina all through college. Now I don’t know. I suppose it will all work out but nothing that should be moving fast is and everything that shouldn’t be is! 

Well 15 days left in the classroom will go by like a flash, I know that. I am glad my classroom teacher is letting me stay on until the end of the year. It gives me a little sense of security going into graduation. Now all I have to do is wrap up the last few assignments and look over my work.