More on the Last Day

As I said before, today was the last day of school for the kids. I am going in tomorrow for the teacher work day just to help my teacher out and maybe make the day a little less boring for the both of us. I am afraid for tomorrow to end. I know I am ready to go out and face the world because I had someone so fantastic to show me how but I am worried about leaving my safe place. I have really come to love my school and the people in it. I had the very best mentors a person could ever ever hope for. 

My expectations for the semester were well exceeded by the amazing, dedicated people I had the pleasure of working with. Life is a little better and I am a little more confident in my ability to actually make a difference for my students every day because of this. I cannot say enough how much my life and my views of the world have changed for the better this semester. My students and my mentors truly made me feel welcome and at home. Even when I was arguing over rules, or hearing tattling or being hit, at the end of the day I knew I was in the right place. It was definitely the right place and it was just so because of my classroom teacher. 

I told her if I was ever half as good as she is, my students would be very lucky and I meant it. She wrote to me that I have the drive to give kids what they need. I am awestruck because if someone so wonderful can say that about me, I must be doing something at least a little bit right. I can do this. I know I can. I think that might be half the battle right there. Knowing I can do this and having someone who believes in me; that’s more than enough to allow me to try my best and not be afraid. 

I will not be afraid! I can do this. I definitely could not have done this five month ago but I absolutely can now. I owe it all to a couple of great ladies, a challenging yet loving class, and place I never expected to fall in love with. When I originally heard what school I was student teaching in, I was a bit, well, scared. I hadn’t heard a whole lot of good things about that place but boy did the teachers there prove it wrong. 

It’s time to say goodbye and look forward to the next adventure. And I know it will be quite the adventure and that I am not alone. I can do this and it’s all because I had some ridiculously perfect help! 


2 thoughts on “More on the Last Day”

  1. Hi Haley,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. It brought back a lot of memories. I was in your shoes this time last year and I felt the same way-bittersweet about the conclusion of such a wonderful and informative experience. Now, here I am on the other side! I just finished my first year as a special education teacher and I feel AWESOME! Take everything you’ve learned this semester, apply it to your first year and you’ll be fine. Just know that when it comes to teaching it seems no matter how hard we prepare sometimes experience is our best teacher! I literally just decided to start a blog myself about an hour ago. Feel free to check it out at 🙂


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