A Conversation on the Tetherball Court

A weekend at camp has left me sore, tired, slightly bruised, and absolutely encouraged! During lifeguard recertification one of the camp staff told me she noticed that this year I am much more confident than two years ago when I was first trained. A lot has happened in those two years and I guess I am different than I was two years ago. I didn’t notice the change until she brought it up because it was definitely a slow change. Now I look back over the last two years and realize camp has made all the difference. I am not so nervous and I don’t feel like I am always making the wrong decisions or bothering people. That this woman who I haven’t talked to extensively noticed that about me is super encouraging. 

The best thing that happened this weekend was sitting on the tetherball court with a group of camp staff, who are also educators, talking about school, students, funny stories, and teacher problems. Two of them currently work in schools, one works outdoor education, and the other is studying English education. It was so nice to get all my fears and funny stories out. It was very encouraging to talk with other new(ish) teachers about the first few years and the differences between high school seniors and kindergarteners (which we discovered are really not that different). I love that I have just joined a profession filled with such amazing, dedicated people. 

I am very much ready to have my own classroom.Through these   conversations with impressive people, I have realized that I am no where near perfect and that’s is okay! I realized that it will take more than a semester to be as fantastic as my classroom teacher. Her fantastic-ness is the result of a lifetime of work. I can’t figure all that out in one semester and that is okay! My camp friends have really made a big difference in my life and I love that they are so supportive even when I may not have spoken to them in two years! I feel great and now I just need schools to start posting their jobs so I can start applying! I can do this and it’s all thanks to camp and the fantastic people who work there and can change my worldview in an hour conversation while sitting on the ground on the tetherball court!  


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