And I Graduated…

Yesterday I finished my undergraduate degree in elementary education. I walked across the arts terrace and got my empty folder from the Dean of Teacher’s College and then went and had dinner with my family and a friend. I don’t really know what the future holds for me. I haven’t got a job lined up or even any idea of where I might want to work. I still have things to do before I am a licensed teacher. 

I feel a little like the mixed up chameleon (a book we read in school this week). I have so many parts that are going in different directions that I don’t really know what to do anymore. Thank goodness I have my class to go back to for the rest of the school year. That and my classroom teacher told me I could email her any time I had a question. That makes me feel a little better. A little more like there is something stable in my life. 

It is time to start packing and getting ready to move on. Things are going to change but I think it will be for the better. I guess we will wait and see… 


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