Computer Testing

I said something today that made my stomach turn. It wasn’t something mean or even that I regret saying it. The fact that it was necessary to say is what made me pull up short. We were in the computer lab taking an end of the year test. One of my students was looking out the window behind him and I said, “hey, eyes on your computer not outside!” 

It is sad that I had to tell a six year old not to worry about playing outside but that he needed to look at the computer. He had to take the test. I know that but it still is upsetting that this kind of testing is taking over time that could be used for students to learn hands on. 

Instead of counting flowers on a screen or sorting crayons with the mouse, my students just want to play outside and pick flowers or sort their crayons in order to color. I hate that it was necessary for me to say that computers are more important than outside! 


One thought on “Computer Testing”

  1. Yup, that is rather sad. Childhood seems more fleeting today than it ever was with the push for more testing and at younger and younger grade levels. Ugh.


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