Teaching the Teacher 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to teacher my classroom teacher something new! After everything she has taught me, it was a quite rewarding experience despite the insignificance of it in the grand scheme of things. So here we are, working on plans for next week. We are reading Mo Willems books (you know, Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus). We were both searching Pinterest and sharing what we found. I look over and my teacher is writing down the websites the activities are from…

I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me like I was crazy so I said, “Are you writing down the websites?” She continued to look at me like I was crazy and answers that yes she was, in fact, writing down the websites. How else would she find the activities again? 

Long story short, I taught my teacher how to actually pin things on Pinterest. It is nice to be able to share what little I do know about technology. I feel pretty good about sharing that knowledge. Also, now I can tease her about learning to use the other features and maybe even downloading the app instead of just using Safari to look at Pinterest… 

I am really enjoying student teaching! 


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