Microwave Spaghetti and a Goose Egg

Microwave spaghetti and a goose egg might sound like title of recipe from an off-brand, poorly-devised cookbook that would turn your stomach if someone served it to you but for me it was a recipe for success this afternoon in terms of making connections with my students. Yesterday, my teacher and I had a conference to determine if I was progressing in my teaching abilities. When I am teaching all day, I told her, I feel like I am so focused on getting through everything that I don’t stop to actually talk with the students. I feel like I should know more about them and I feel like they don’t want to listen to me because I don’t frequently notice when they are doing the right thing. She gave a me a few suggestions and I thought about them a through the evening last night.

Today she set the ball right to me. Some of the students in the class were rewarded today and they chose to eat lunch in the classroom. When I asked her what needed to be done during lunch, she said there was nothing to do and that she was going to sit at one table with the kids. I sat down at the other table right next to one of the kids I have been having to talk with about his behavior a lot over the past two weeks. His mother was one who called me last Friday.

I started to mix together my microwave spaghetti and sauce and he was immediately impressed. He kept asking me how I cooked it and what it tasted like. He could not believe I had made spaghetti in the microwave! He and I laughed at the silly videos my teacher was playing for the students. It was really nice to actually talk with him about something good.

Once we went out to recess, I was a little nervous that he would get into trouble again and I would I undo all the progress I had made by being nice to him. He didn’t get into trouble but he did get hurt. I felt terrible because he walked over to me holding his head. I asked what was wrong and he could barely answer because he was trying not to cry. From what I gathered, he fell and hit his head on the merry-go-round. I took him over to my classroom teacher so she could take him to the nurse because I do not have keys to get inside. I was able to comfort him a little on the way over to the teacher.

The rest of the day he behaved fairly well. I was quite impressed. It may have been a headache from his giant purple goose egg but I would like to think that his behavior was better because of our conversation over microwave spaghetti.


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