Thanks to My Friends! 

I wanted to take time to thank everyone who reads these posts. I started doing this because it is a good way to collect my thoughts and I expected one or two people, like my mom and grandma, to read them and that was all. I still write because I enjoy it and it does help me think through everything that has happened but, my dear friends, you have made it into more than that. I appreciate you reading these and stopping me to ask about things! You are all so encouraging and positive. I want to thank you all again and agian and again for being so great! I love what I do and I love writing about it and it makes it so much better when other people take time to read what I have to say. 

You have all encouraged me not to get too frustrated and I am attempting to take that to heart. I am very excited to take on this week’s challenges and hopefully things will run a little more smoothly. I kind of doubt it but I am going to think positively. Thanks, all!


Miss Haley 


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