Trouble with Trouble

On Wednesday, I taught a math lesson where the students moved in groups from table to table. When the groups were finished, I quieted them down and told them where to move. The class got out of hand really quickly. It got to the point where even the usually we’ll behaved students would not stop talking. Almost half of the class had already moved thier clips earlier in the day. In the middle of the lesson I had to stop and ask my teacher, “what do I do?” 

Without hesitation she let the class have it! I always feel terrible after something like this because I hate yelling in front of my teacher. I do not mind yelling when she is not around but I feel like the more I raise my voice the more she is going to think I cannot actually do this. 

After school, I asked her what to do. She basically told me I have to be tough with them. They won’t hate me if I raise my voice. It’s nice to think that but unfortunately my fear lies in what she thinks about me. I would hate to yell at a time that she would not have. I am really going to have to figure this nonsense out! 


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