Bingo, Pizza, Parents, and an Unknown Interview

My school’s bingo for books night was earlier this week. The student teacher in the clasroom next to mine and I volunteered to help out. We ended up serving pizza to the students and their families. It was really fun to see how excited my students were that I was there. One of my students step-mother served pizza with us. I ended up talking to her for about an hour after all the pizza was gone. It was nice to learn a little about the student and get some experience talking with parents. We talked abou our jobs and all kinds of other things. One of those things was how much she adores my classroom teacher. It was funny because she said several times how highly she thought of her and I kept replying, “I feel the same way!” 

The other woman helping serve the pizza was the dental hygienist who came in and spoke to my class at the end of my LAMP unit. I really had no idea who this woman is other than that she is a dental hygienist. She asked me tons of questions about where I am from, my views on educations, how I was liking th school… I tried to give really good honest but well worded answers. 

Turns out the hygienist is the principal’s best friend and she all but grabbed us by the hand and drug us to the principal’s office where she told the principal if there were any job openings next year that she should hire the two of us. It was a whirlwind night. I still do not know what to think about the whole thing. 

Working at a school like the one I am teaching at would be incredible. I realized that I have fallen in love with this school and the kind of atmosphere it has. At this point there is no real reason to think that I might get a job there but it interesting to think about. The plan I had for my life would be very different if I stayed in my area. Interesting… 


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