Miss Haley- Mean Again

This was a crazy week. My classroom teacher did most of the teaching this week which was really relaxing for me. The few times that I was up in front of the room teaching, several students thought they could do whatever they wanted. One student was banging on the step in front of the SmartBoard while I was trying to read. I asked him to stop. He decided to look me in the eyes and do it again. I then told him to move his clip. He refused. Instead of making it a big deal where it lasted forever I just said he needed to move it and kept reading.

After I finished reading, I called each of the students to get their books and stuffed animal for silent reading time. I called every student except the one who was banging on the step and did not move his clip. He looked at me very confused because he was the only one left sitting on the rug. I simply said, “You have not moved your clip yet so you cannot get an animal.” He immediately got up and moved his clip. I do not know if this was the correct thing to do but it kept me from fighting with him for large chunk of time and loosing my patience at his stubbornness.


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