A Seuss-Tastic Week

It was Dr. Seuss week in my classroom this week. It was incredibly fun all week reading the books and hearing the students laugh when my teacher made silly faces while reading. She read Fox in Socks faster than I have ever heard it before. It was quite impressive.

We made silly hats that made us look like the Things from The Cat in the Hat.  (It was also Wacky Wednesday that is why my outfit is so crazy. I promise I do not usually dress like that!) IMG_2704

We also played a sight word game with green eggs and ham that was quite hilarious. Here is me with egg on my face. eggsblurToday we made turtles and stacked them to see how many we could get in the stack before they fell. It was very silly.


This week I took a bit of a step back because my teacher loves Dr. Seuss so much. It was really nice to be able to observe her really enjoying herself teaching. Not that she doesn’t usually but it was cool to see how passionate she is about her job. I am so blessed to have been placed in her classroom!


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