Mean Miss Haley Strikes Again

On Fridays we do running records. It’s just what we do. Every Friday during literacy stations we do this. The students know that if they are talking they will move their clip. I tell them that ever week. “If you are talking, you will move your your clip. If you talk again, you will move it again.” That is just how it is. We have so many students who whisper read when they read to us that even if one student is talking in a regular voice, it is impossible to hear the student reading.

Today, every person in my groups except three (so 3 of 11) moved their clip for talking. It was such an awful day of talking out and carrying on side conversations that at the end of the day my teacher had the students who still had their clip on green and had finished their writing choose something from her prize box. There were only seven out of twenty seven students still on green with their writing finished.

I moved clips of students today that I have never seen moved. I thought yesterday was bad. Today was a whole other layer of terrible. First thing, right off the bat, a student blatantly refused to do anything I asked him. I spent a long time fighting with him before he put his head down and refused to look at me. My teacher was not in the room so I was on my own. I asked her at the end of the day what I should have done and she told me, after I explained the situation, that she would have done the same thing I did. She would have left him sit there.

I then asked her how I can demand a student move to the rug and then not make them because otherwise I would physically have to pick that child up and move him and not make it sound like I have given up or lost. She told me that I should turn the situation back to him. I should make it his responsibility not mine. She suggested that I say something like, “When you decide to have a good attitude and listen to me, then you may join us on the rug.”

I raised my voice quite a bit today. I feel a little bad that have had to do it so often because the students who are not doing anything wrong are beginning to get nervous. I am not really sure what to do about that!



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