A Conference 

Today was my second benchmark conference with my teacher. I think it went pretty well. She consistently scored me higher than I scored myself so that made me feel a little better. She said several times that she appreciated the amount of questions I ask daily because it is a good way for me to learn.

She did tell me exactly how it is when talking about my weaknesses. I appreciate that about her. She tells it like it is. A straightforward approach is something I prefer. She called me out on some management techniques that I need to work on. Even though I like to be told what I can do to improve, I get hung up on certain things. The thing I got the most stuck on was that I never sent home a letter to student families about myself. I knew all along I should have done it but it completely slipped my mind. She called me out flat on that one. I cannot believe that I didn’t even think about it. Ugh!

The worst part of the conference though was not what she called me out on but that it was hat day and wore her hat during our conference. I get it. We both have curly hair that hats totally destroy and she probably didn’t want to take it off because hat hair is unattractive on everyone, particularly people with curly hair. Her hat was a hamburger. When she put it on in the morning she told me her husband said that, it “wasn’t a hat, it was a distraction.” Well it definitely distracted me! Here I am having this super serious conversation where I am being told all about my faults by an adult woman who has taught for 20 years while she wears a hamburger on her head… During the conference, I kept looking at her and laughing because what else do you do when you are being called out by someone with giant fast food covering their hair?


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