A Little Laugh Makes All The Difference 

After Tuesday’s fiasco with my teacher and I’s stepping up conversation (read all about that here), today seemed like a breeze! She was not mad and I do not think I overstepped because she kept telling me to do more and more activities as the day went on. I did the whole reading block, math meeting, math activity, and a craft. I feel pretty good about the way it went. My teacher stepped in a few times to ask questions and point out details that I missed. Overall I think the students are really understanding 3-d shapes. Tomorrow I guess I am doing about the same thing.

On her way out the door, (several of the other student teachers and I met after-school in my room to discuss out big projects that is why I was there longer than she was and didn’t walk out with her like usual) she asked me if I was going to take over the Lincoln lesson tomorrow. I told her, “sure, whatever you want me to do!” She laughed and said, “great, I will just go to the lounge and spend all day there while you teach!” It is extra funny if you know her because she rarely ever goes to the teachers’ lounge. Anyway, I feel much better about the whole thing. She must not think I’m a total screw up if she is still encouraging me to take over more. I can finally take a deep breath.

I learned something during all this; besides that my teacher thinks I am at least a little capable. I learned that, even after having to endure that awful conversation, making someone laugh a little can really calm their anxiety. I guess I always kind of knew that but I am usually the one making the jokes not the reciever of the laugh. I think it might be a useful technique when dealing with one of the more difficult students in the class. It may just be luck that she has had a couple of good days in a row. I would like to believe that it has a little to do with a tiny interaction we had on Friday at the end of the day.

We watched this funny video where the students have to stand up and sit down and turn around over and over, faster and faster. After the video, the student was making up her own order and singing it out loud. She started singing it to me and I decided to play along. I squatted and stood up and turned around whenever she said to. Her whole face lit up. It was cool moment to see her have that much fun just being silly because I know she has a lot going on in her life, especially for someone who is so young. Maybe that little bit of silliness where she was in control helped build some rapport between us. Hopefully, interactions like that will continue to happen and she can feel comfortable with me asking her to do things and not feel threatened or like she does not have control over here own choices. I know it is almost too much to ask for three days in row of good behavior from her but, God knows, I am praying for it!

The short of it is this, once again my teacher has, seemingly without effort, made me feel better about my constant inability to be perfect. I have said it before and I will say it again, she has that thing that makes really incredible teachers stand out from the just plain good ones. My theory on what that “thing”is must be getting closer to the truth (I hope). Anyway, I like her more and more every day. I cannot get over how lucky I am to be in the place that I am. I guess a little laugh to ease the nerves can make all the difference!


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