Questions from 3 a.m. 

After my strict-Miss-Haley experience yesterday, I realized I feel like I am getting nowhere with the students who are consistently misbehaving. I woke up around 3 a.m. to a million questions for my classroom teacher. One thing I appreciate about her is that she will honestly and in depth answer all of my questions. I ask a lot of questions. At 3 a.m. I decided to type out the questions so I would not forget. It also makes me accountable to myself because they are all there on my phone waiting to be asked and if they are visible I am more likely to ask and not weeny out.

Today I told her I felt like I was getting nowhere with these students and flat out asked what I was doing wrong. I asked if I was being too mean or too nice or if I was being inconsistent. She explained that it really was not me but just the way some students are. I felt a little better. I guess it is always nice to be told you are not a complete failure.

Once again, she has manger to say just the right thing to make me feel better about my abilities. She said that it took her a long time as well to see any difference in the behavior these students exhibit. I am so impressed with her ability to ease the bad feelings. She does it with the students and with me. I need to pay more attention to how she goes about doing it so that I can maybe someday have that.

I know I don’t have it now. I have a loud mouth a thin filter which constantly get me into trouble. It’s not that I say inappropriate things or even things that hurt students feelings. I am just missing the part of your brain where you can think enough to really impact someone positively. Maybe it comes with experience and maybe some people are just born with. I really hope it is something you can learn because I want to be able to do that.

All in all, I hope that the impressive skills my teacher shows everyday are accquire-able. I am always so impressed with the way she handles everything. I guess strict-Miss-Haley will keep coming out if that’s what she says will work. I have already seen what happens when I don’t trust her judgment (A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Hallway)! 


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