A Bloody Nose a Day Might Just Keep Me Away

Once again I have come face- to- face with that most feared enemy, blood. This particular blood coming out of a student’s face.

Everything was going well just as it always does before disaster strikes. We were sitting on the floor in small groups; playing a math game. No big deal. Seemingly, no potential for injury. Of course, as I said, the perfect recipe for trouble. In kindergarten, the more calm it seems to be the more trouble is brewing just below the surface.

As one student leaned forward and another leaned back, there was a moment when contact was made and everything changed. I did not see it happen but the aftermath was something I wish I could un-see. Maybe the problem was that I did not see the thick trail of blood the student managed to wipe from their inner elbow to their wrist. I saw the tears and I told him he was fine. Apparently, I was wrong. Another swipe across his nose and I was seeing red. Red all across the back of his hand and from his wrist to his elbow.

All in all, it was not a terrible amount of blood but in the moment it was enough to send me reeling and him to the nurse to get cleaned up. And after the past few days, I have to ask myself, why on God’s earth does this keep happening to me and no one else? 


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