Encouragement from My Classroom Teacher

I have been debating on whether or my to write about this since it happened. It’s something I really want to remember and it was a big moment in my student teaching so far. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share it or how I wanted to but I think it is something that other teachers or student teachers should hear.

After school on Thursday, I stayed late because I had an appointment for an oil change and it would have been extra driving to drive home first. As my teacher and I were working on plans for the next day (which you can read about here), she stopped and told me a story about here first weeks of teaching and how she did not think she could do it. I was in shock, mainly because she is an incredible teacher with tons of great ideas and a real understanding of what students need to know. How could this great teaching have ever thought she could not could do it?

She went on to say that, after talking with her principal, the principal said, you have to be stern first and then be their friend. She explained that it was important to establish yourself as the one on charge and keep the students under your thumb and then you can love on them. She told me she thought I was doing a great job of that.

I haven’t been able  to stop thinking  about what she said. I am so blessed to have a classroom teacher that has so much experience and so many important things to tell me. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next 12 weeks!


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